Tacoma's most talked about scratch-cake bakery is proud to announce they are putting down new roots with plans to open a new location in 2024! Local master pastry chef's, Julia Brown and Terryn Abbitt, have joined forces to bring The Cat & Rabbitt Cake Shop to you. Specializing in all things buttercream, decadent, and handmade gooey goodness, available to be customized for any event - and we do mean any. Place a completely personalized order for any occasion (breakfast counts!) or check out their ready-to-serve walk-up window offering cake by the slice, conveniently located on the corner of 6th Avenue & Pine in Tacoma. Be sure to taste the cheddar scallion scones, Terryn's famous chocolate chip cookies, or Julia's big as your face cinnamon rolls (only on Sundays) while you’re at it. Believe us when we say, this isn't your grandmother's cake shop, it's better. 

Terryn & Julia met and worked together in 2016, but Cat & Rabbitt was born in Terryn's kitchen during the summer of 2020. 100% woman owned and operated, you will find Terryn & Julia in the shop almost everyday ensuring the utmost quality and care is put into every single bite. 100,000 cake slices later, Cat & Rabbitt is still going strong and turning the "I'm not a cake person" into true believers. 

Julia                                 Terryn